The Sham WOW can pick up anything. If you spill something on the carpet it'll pick it up so fast. It holds up to 8 million times it's own weight in liquids. I spilled some liquid silver on my carpet the other day and the Sham WOW picked it up in two seconds. The carpet was burned away but WHO CARES!? Sham WOW is what I would use if my child needed a tourniquet.

The slap chop is great because it allows you to take your anger out on your food. You can slap the crap out of it and all it does is chop the food you put in it. You can use any food with it: Spagetti, oranges, ice cream, marbles, pennys, finger nails, and Hally Berry.

Oxi Clean is some stuff you can use to clean. You can like put it in the washer and it will help clean your clothes and makes them smell good. My favorite part about this is that they spell it O X I instead of O X Y as I would have done it.

Little Giant's is a ladder that is totally sweet. It can do all sorts of cool stuff. You can use it to reach things or see things that are up high. And you can take it apart and have TWO ladders! WOAH